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Ultra Compact Stungun

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Self Defense Stun Gun For Daily Use

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Self Defense Cell Phone Style Stun Gun 2 Lakh

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Police Stun Baton With Built In Torch Function

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Taiwan Police Stungun

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Expandable Type Stun Baton

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Lipstick Stun Gun

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Stun Baton Gun

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Aviation Aluminum Self Defense Tactical Pen

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Sleek Rounded Black Brass Knuckle Self

Product Code: SG10

Non Lethal Self Defence Electric Taser Gun

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Rechargeable Flash Light Stun Gun

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Aggressive Dog Deterrent Repeller DAZZER

Product Code: SG13

A Stun Gun is an electronic self-defense device in India which is use for safety and gives a shock on the human body. Generally, we can use the Stun Gun in India for our Safety. Stun Gun is trendy in big cities like; Bhopal, Mumbai etc. People are buying more stun gun in big cities compatible to other because as we know big cities are the major spot of crimes in India. Bhopal becomes the hub of the criminal cases. A large number of people are working in Bhopal and traveling daily to office.

Many Girls and boys working in night shift also. So, what precautions we choose for our safety when we are traveling alone. Stun Gun is a Gadget which secures you from criminals and reduces the chances of mishappening happens with you. People are carrying Stun Gun for Safety in Bhopal. A Stun Gun is a self-defense device that can be used for stopping another person who is attacking you. Girls must be carried stun gun in Bhopal when they are going alone. Stun Gun for Ladies in Bhopal becomes a necessary tool for their daily life.

Some Clients are inquiring that How Stun Gun Works. Touching a person with the prongs of the stun gun instantly paralyze of disabling the attacker. However the Amperage of Stun Gun is Very Low, so no is serious injury inflicted. Stun Guns are a forceful contact weapon when you use the prong of the stun gun. The Voltage of Stun Gun is Very High, but the Amperage is low, so no serious problem permanent injury. Many people asked, Can a Stun Gun Kill a Person? Stun Gun only gives a shock to the attacker for sometimes, that they would be unable to attack you. After some time the effect of a stun gun is automatically impeached on his body. This device helps you and giving a time for moving another place instantly to secure him from miss happening. Stun Gun for College Girls is also a useful Device for their security. The Price of Stun Gun in Bhopal is not so high. You can easily Buy Stun Gun in Bhopal at Very Cheap Prices from Action India Home Products. If you are working women in night shift, and traveling for office by car, bus or auto etc. in the night. You must be carrying Stun Gun for Night Shift Working Women in Bhopal. You can carry Stun Gun in Your Purse or Beg when you are traveling. Buy a Stun Gun Online in Bhopal From Our Website easily. If you think a Stun Gun is Legal or not, so the Stun Gun is legal in Bhopal. Because it is not a solid weapon that killing a person. It is a normal device, Stun Gun is not So Much Harm any person. Stun Gun Effects duration is not so long in the human body. Stun Gun is also used on street dogs. We know street dogs are the horrible or many time we see they running back on the people, catch him and make harm. SO you can also use Stun Gun for Dogs for your security.

For girls, Stun Gun designed in different forms that they don’t feel awkward to carry it. They can get it in form of lipstick, compact, mobile phone etc. There are different Stun Guns In Bhopal, India which come under it and these products are: stun gun in ultra compact, cell phone, lipstick, rechargeable flash light; Police stun baton+ torch, Aviation Aluminum Self Defense, Self Defense Electric Teaser gadget, Self Defense teaser Gun, Taiwan Police Stun gun, Expandable Type Stun gun and Stun Guns Travel Chic. Interested person can get these devices online and offline from its various dealers and retailers at very cheap price.